Tips and suggestions for planning a family trip for a large crowd


If you are looking for activities that you can enjoy as a family, then a vacation together or a trip together definitely ranks high on things to do. If you happen to have a large family, things can get a little complicated. Here are a few tips to help you organize a trip for a large family.

Select a date that is convenient for all

One of the hardest parts of organizing a family trip is finding a date that is convenient for all. This is especially true if most of your family happen to be student or working. Try to find a date that the majority of the family is agreeing on. Public holidays are a good option; however, be warned that many others will have the same idea as you, and most places will be packed and populated.

Have a “confirm by” date

Last minute drop out and add-ins are a normal thing for most occasions, but family trips particularly. Unfortunately, if you are heading for an expensive resort or a place which will have to be booked beforehand, chances are that not knowing the exact number can cause unnecessary complications on your trip. To avoid this happening, consider giving your family a “confirm by” date. This means only those who confirm by that date get included in that trip.


Find a comfortable mode of transport

ideally, if you are travelling with kids or a large party, it’s always best to keep the destination in a short distance. This is particularly true if you’re travelling by road. If planes or trains are not an option, we suggest you consider making use of bus chartering Singapore. A bus has ample leg space and can seat many people. Remember that being together is the biggest entertainment when it comes to family trips, and including the bus will aid that fun.

Find bathroom break spots in the route if children are included

Unlike other trips that only include adults, family trips often include a lot of kids of various ages. Those who have not been potty trained are usually in diapers, so you need not worry about them. but older children will require to use the washrooms. This is especially true if they are sipping on juices and frizzy drinks on their way. Plan out regular toilet breaks throughout the route to avoid emergency stops.


Have activities planned for all

no matter how interesting the journey is, it’s still important that you plan a few activities for once you have arrived at your family trip destination. The best way to keep everyone entertained, is by making sure you plan out activities for all age groups. Remember to keep their interests in mind.

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