How to secure your home while on vacation

After several weeks if planning and preparation, it is finally time to travel away with your family to enjoy some quality time in vacation. However, much you have enjoyed the trip and bonded as a family, if you discover that your home has been broken into while you were away, your mood will change real fast and frustration will dampen everyone’s content hearts. Vacated houses are tempting targets for criminals who pay a lot of attention to such details and they will not hesitate to rob you clean the first opportunity they get. Therefore, it is imperative that you as a traveler take all the necessary measures to ensure your castle’s safety while you are away, and the following pointers will help you in ensuring this in an effective manner.

A home monitoring system

In the olden days, the only way to make sure your residence is safe when you are not around was by contacting a friend or a neighbor and asking them to check up on it. However, thanks to the groundbreaking advancements in the residential security technology, you can monitor anything and everything that happens in your property from wherever you are through a smart device. While these can set you back a substantial amount of money, it is nothing compared to the peace of mind you will have, knowing that your home is safe and well protected. Do not hesitate to install signs that advertise about the security system and security cameras as these can demotivate a criminal from making the decision to break in.

Storing the valuables

While everything you own is of value to you, there are some items which are of higher value or importance and thieves are most keep about getting their hands on these items. If, like most people you store these items in the bedroom, purchase a reliable safe which can keep your valuables under lock and key, no matter how bad a thief may try to get through it.

Your vehicles are another item that criminals will be interested in and if you’re using your own vehicle to travel to the airport on the day of the departure, be sure to obtain the services of a reputed long term parking Tullamarine Melbourne airportservice provider. However, if you’re planning on leaving the car in the garage, disengage the automated garage door opening system and lock it with a hardy padlock to secure it properly.

Lay low on social media

No matter how excited you may be about the trip, don’t go posting about it on your social media page as it can give the whole game away to the opportunistic criminals. Furthermore, be mindful about the sensitive information such as your phone numbers and home address which you may have shared or made visible in the past for the same reason as before.

A well-lit exterior

Light to robbers is like garlic to vampires! They prefer dark and gloomy properties filled with lots of hiding places over well illuminated ones for obvious reasons and even before getting to the house, a well-lit exterior will discourage them from making a move. While you’re away, set the lighting system to a timer so that it will turn on during the night and off during day. Supplement this with motion sensors and spot lights that will surely drive away any criminal who dares to trespass uninvited.

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