Best places to party in Asia

Geographically speaking, some parts of Asia are like Europe wherein each country can be visited by land. For people who have plans on visiting an Asia, and just want to loosen up, enjoy the night life, and party like there’s no tomorrow, then these are some of the best places to go to!


Shanghai’s night life is as bright as its city light. The fact that Shanghai has a lot of skyscrapers around its city makes it an ideal for people to establish rooftop bars to take the experience to a whole new level in such a way that it gives its party-goers a great view of the entire city shimmering with its neon lights.

If you and your friends have plans on going to Shanghai, then grab shanghai china tour packages that will not only make a huge significance of your total costs, but also be able to enjoy each tourist destination and get tips from your tour guide as to where else could you party in Shanghai.


Whenever people hear the word “party” and “asia” one of the things that springs into their mind is Phuket, Thailand! While it is not the classiest places to go to, but here you will definitely get a knock out of your night when you party with the locals! Just imagine a seaside boulevard filled with neon lights and bars. This is where you will be able to enjoy 70s to 90s rock songs, and enjoy the entertainment with cheap booze, loud tunes, and a swarm of fellow tourists.


If you just want to chill and party near the beach, then forget Thailand, and shift your attention to Langkawi, Malaysia. If you ever feel that you are better off with a small crowd, or rather just be with your friends, and even be left alone, then going to this area will make you relax as you watch the sun go down, and ease your evening over at their local bars along the beach front.

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Another party worthy place from Thailand is Koh Phi Phi where you are able to fully relax during the day, and party all night  alongside with nature. At night, you are more likely to see tourists ramming up the bars in the island, from there on, entertainment enlightens everyone with fire shows, mini clubs, and cheap bears that are guaranteed to make you party all night long without even spending too much money.

Partying in a foreign place can be an invigorating  thing to do whenever you visit another country, only much better when you visit these wild party places in Asia. Be sure to make your trip worthwhile and enjoy every single day and night you spend in it.

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