Smart Ways to Stay Safe While Driving

The stark increase of the vehicle owning population around the world has had a direct impact on the level of roadside accidents which has risen by considerable figures over the years. Investigations into the causes of these unfortunate incidents show that in more cases than not, the driver’s carelessness and negligence were responsible for these accidents. If you are a driver who is determined to keep yourself and everyone else safe while driving, follow these simple tips to drive safe and stay safe.

Don’t Drive Tired

Falling asleep while driving is one of the most common reasons behind roadside accidents today and a shocking 1 in every 20 drivers are said to have fallen asleep while driving at some stage. As harmless as it may seem to give in to that strong temptation of closing your heavy eyelids just for a few seconds while travelling along a not so eventful road don’t! The next thing you know, a fireman will be trying to cut open the jammed door of your car to drag you out of burning wreckage. To avoid this, get plenty of sleep the day before you plan on hitting the roadside so that your body and mind will be in the right condition to handle the many tests of the roads. Also, if you’re really tired and simply can’t go on without getting a little rest, then pull over at a safe clearing and grab a quick nap before star again.

Regular Inspection

It doesn’t really matter how careful you are while driving or how much attention you pay to the roadside and everything that is happening about if your car is in poor condition and breaks down or goes out of control in the middle of a busy street. Not only will such an unfortunate event put a serious damper on your plans to get to the destination on time, but it might even lead to something much more catastrophic and injurious.

While your routine inspections are a great way to reassure yourself regarding the integrity of the vehicle, try and get your car inspected regularly by a professional. They should know how to check tyre pressure, how to determine engine performance and when to change the oils far better than you do. Keeping the inspection updated will also keep you out of trouble as an outdated inspection is bound to grab the attention of any traffic police officer who will not hesitate to penalize you.

Watch Your Speed

The summer is just around the corner and the crystal-clear roads and the inviting weather will encourage you to grab your ride and cruise down the highway, feeling the wind in your hair. However, it is important to not to get carried away with this feeling and always keep your speed under the advised limit. Never try to drive as fast you can, simply because the streets are empty or low in traffic, because “if” something is to happen, it will be extremely difficult to respond in time and save all the lives and property involved. Therefore, if you really want to make it to your destination in time, try and stay well within the speed limit so that you can get there on time and in one piece!

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